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Biplob Saha’s work is vivacious and distinguishable. His collections over the years showcase his love for our cultural heritage that is beautifully interlaced in our lifestyles.

He is uniquely gifted and delivers design presentation in an uncanny burst of festivities that epitomizes the jubilant layers of our celebration. Since his inception in the deign industry 20 years ago he has taken it upon himself to present the drama that emerges through his every collection in patterns of story that is beautiful in a visually graphic statement. He works with our local craftsmen, weavers, jewelers, and printers and produces vibrant range of expounding collection that ceaselessly stand out.

His designs are inspired by our folk traditions that historically always played a stipulated role as a source of ingenuity. “Rang” his signature designs has always showcased motifs that are closest to Bengali Belle’s spirit and élan. His recurring theme articulates the exuberance of the Bengali nation.

Biplob Saha never lost touch with his fine art and exhibited in many shows some of which include Exhibitions at the Fine Art Institute at University of Dhaka, National Museum of Bangladesh and Shilpo Kala Academy. He has participated in many Fashion Shows, Veet, RTV Eid Fashion, Prothom Alo Anniversary event, Rang Dhonu exposition and Guru Dev Relived. He is has also exhibited his collections in Kolkata India. He is a trailblazer in the industry and hopes to initiate new grounds for the next generation.

He was created different types of concept to various time such as Sokher Hari-2016, Bangla Callender-2015, Lungi-2014, Pakha-2013, Sora chitra-2012, Kobi Guru Rabindranath-2011, Pato Chitro-2010, Mukhush-2009 ,Rickshaw-2008, Ets Education: Fine Art Institute University of Dhaka. MFA Awards : Best work for Water Color exhibition held at the Institute of Fine Arts 1996.

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